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Join our team of amazing people to build the financial rails that enable companies to reach millions of mobile money consumers across Africa.

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How we work

At pawaPay, we hold a deep belief in the power of our people to shape their work environment and exercise autonomy over their roles. Remote work lies at the heart of our culture, seamlessly integrated with our core working hours synchronised across African and European time zones.

And there's an exciting twist: We defy traditional workplace rules. Instead, we establish crystal-clear expectations of success while granting our team the freedom to conquer challenges in their own exceptional way. All this in a diverse, supportive, and transparent environment.

All open positions

What we believe in

Autonomy & Responsibility

We believe that autonomy creates ownership and respect, and helps us build a strong organisation.

We push decision-making out into the branches of the company where the knowledge sits and accumulates.

We take responsibility for our roles and choices and understand that our actions are important to everyone else in the organisation.


We believe that transparency creates clarity, trust, and accountability, and helps us make the best decisions while moving fast.

We communicate openly and honestly, sharing all business matters with the whole organisation in public, and assuming the best intentions in every interaction.


We believe that reflection creates opportunities to grow and learn, and helps us continuously improve.

We take personal initiative to learn, to be informed and to gain new knowledge and skills. Most importantly, we learn from our own mistakes, share them widely and see failures as valuable lessons that push us forward.

Us in numbers

Each one of us brings our unique blend of awesomeness, from our personality quirks to our impressive skill sets and mind-expanding world views. Together we're unstoppable!



Average age






What our people say

“Ever since I joined pawaPay I have felt a sense of involvement. Not only have I seen the business grow astronomically in the time I have been here, but I have also developed relationships with departments internally to achieve our company wide visions & values. I have never worked at a company before which listens to it's staff and actively makes those changes to provide a better workplace for all. No matter how big or small your concern, it is always heard and acted upon. We pride ourselves in having open communication for all and it makes such a wonderful working experience. I am so excited to continue to grow with pawaPay, sky is the limit.”

Sophie Widdison
Accounts Payable Manager

“pawaPay allows me to be who I am and is accommodating of all kinds of people. In joining pawaPay, you are joining a challenging working environment, where people are so welcoming and positive, and everyone greets each other with a smile and a joke.”

Landry Subira
Group Legal Lead

“At pawaPay, we build solutions that serve millions of people every day. We love technology, use only the best tools available, and since most of us are perfectionists, we never compromise on quality! That, and the diversity of experience we have in the teams allows us to write top notch solutions that are fast, reliable, and perform on an incredible scale.  We work in small cross-functional teams where every voice matters and everyone makes a difference. Among our core values are autonomy and responsibility which allows us to collaborate effectively working from multiple countries on different continents. We truly have the flexibility to work from anywhere and create the working environment that suits us best.“

Aleksei Rovenski
Engineering Team Lead

“I love and enjoy working at pawaPay because it allows me to strike a perfect balance between work and life responsibilities at all times which is of utmost importance to me. Moreover, the overall support rendered from Management to fellow colleagues is impeccable.”

Keisha Mushi
Country Manager - Tanzania

“Joining pawaPay on its mission to improve financial inclusion was a no-brainer for me. With 5 years of closely collaborating with MNOs in Africa and having lived on the continent myself, I got to witness the daily challenges people and businesses encounter with money transfers. Given my extensive experience in the mobile money industry, pawaPay offered me the chance to lead the operations and support team. What I love most about pawaPay is the dedicated team of like-minded people tirelessly working towards common goals and ensuring flawless mobile money payments.“

Mikk Palmoks
Head of Operations

"I love working at pawaPay because its an opportunity to participate in solving important problems for our Continent, Africa, that then allows businesses to seamlessly reach customers across Sub-Saharan Africa. As we solve the Continent’s problems, there is a strong internal commitment to align on what the problem is and this enables the organisation pull in one direction. Teams are then allowed latitude to creatively provide solutions to the problems with real support from the leadership and the wider organisation. This makes problem solving collaborative, fun and fulfilling."

Oliver Owallah
Head of Treasury & Tax

Benefits you can brag about


We believe that a fair salary comes first and therefore benchmark industry data as well as reward excellent results.

from home

Or from wherever suits you best whilst aligning to European and African core working hours.

time off

35 days of annual leave (inclusive of public holidays), paid parental and medical leave for everyone + other leave opportunities.


To ensure your training & development needs are met and everyone has the chance to bond with the team.


Health & wellbeing initiatives and benefits because a healthy body breeds a healthy mind and vice versa.


Take some time off to play and mingle via virtual team events and on site activities.


We ensure your remote office is set up with top-notch equipment and the best tools out there. Yes, even Chat GPT-4 and Copilot are considered work tools here.

referral bonuses

Because we believe our people are great and contributing to building our success should be rewarded.

Our team’s happiness metrics

Happiness is our compass, guiding us towards success. A supportive and transparent work environment is our secret sauce. We pulse-check our amazing people regularly and, being all about transparency, we love sharing the results with everyone!

Personal growth
Relationship with peers
Relationship with manager

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