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Frequent Questions

What are the merchant web portal capabilities?

Ability to show current balance of your wallets, shows all transactions in the system with all the statuses, provides user management with different access levels (only payments vs see wallet balance also) and geography based limitations e.g. only see payments in Ghana.

How much time takes the onboarding?

It takes a total of two weeks (Sandbox set up, KYC, Contracting,Staging and Production and Go live, ) with just one contract and the Single API integration, you will have all MNO connections in-country.. The process of KYC and Contracting may run concurrently.

Is there a prohibited list of merchants?

it depends on market requirements. On our side we check if the merchant have an effective compliance program and it's owners/directors are not listed on any sanctions list. But some market has own requirements. I.e DRC outlawed crypto and for this case, we can not onboard a merchant who do crypto in that market

KYC with MNOs

Yes, Some MNOs such as Voda( MPESA) will require pawaPay to provide visibility of KYC documentations and nature of business, We have made this easier by ensuring at point of our KYC - the checklist covers all that MNOs would require- (this sometimes may take longer than a couple of days)

What is the cost of transaction?

Currently all Transaction fees are pass through to the merchants.

What are the service metrics?

The current typical processing response times stand at 90+% rate for 60 seconds for deposits. ,On pawaPay Status Our customers are able to see on a real-time basis the status of each MNO service.