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Frictionless movement of your money

We connect mobile money and banking, simplifying local and cross-border settlements and top-ups. This consolidation reduces costs and friction in managing your mobile money operations.


You can focus on your business while we bring your funds directly to where you need them.


We provide single consolidated entry and exit point to mobile money in Africa.

Fast and cost effective

We work with numerous partners to get you the best rates for all major and local currencies delivered as fast as possible.


We provide custom solutions to your business needs. Contact us to talk about them.

Transact with your customers
the way they prefer

Getting started is easy

Create an account

By creating an account with us, you can access our onboarding portal, which will guide you through each step towards higher revenues with mobile money.


A single contract grants you access to all the markets and mobile network operators. Our team is always available to quickly unlock mobile money services across Africa for your business.


With your account you also have full access to our sandbox environment. Fully functional sandbox enables your developers to rapidly build the best payment experience for your customers.