Getting started with pawaPay Merchant API

pawaPay provides one API and one customer portal to integrate mobile money across Africa into your payment flows.

Getting Started

1. Getting an account for our sandbox environment

When onboarding with pawaPay, you will get access to our sandbox environment. This is a secure development environment where it’s possible to test the entire integration before go-live to make sure everything works exactly as expected.

To create an account to start using our API in the sandbox click below

Create Account

2. Starting development

Now that you have an account on our sandbox environment, you can start developing the integration.

Start by generating the API token for the sandbox environment from our portal. You can read more about how to do that from our documention.

3. Using the API

After the token has been generated, you can read through the Using the API guide, which includes information about where the API resides, callback URLs, authentication, backwards compatibility and correspondents (mobile network operators).

You can find full documentation of our API at

4. Testing the Integration

Our sandbox environment is completely isolated from the production environment and allows you to safely test the integration before going to production. We have special phones numbers (MSISDN) that can be used to trigger different failure scenarios. It’s all documented in our Testing the API guide.

5. Moving to production

Once you are confident in your integration in our sandbox environment, you will need a live account.
For that, please specify who should receive the activation link for it in our sandboxes onboarding. Once all KYC and legal documents have been reviewed, the activation link will be sent to that person who can then invite new users and generate the production API token. We have listed important considerations in our API docs.